Industry and Infrastructures Construction

edilizia industriale e infrastrutture

The quality of the “industrial landscape" represents a visible indicator of the economic and social development of a territory. Bottoli has a wide and differentiated series of achievements in this field, with different types of buildings belonging to the most diverse sectors: food, manufacturing, chemical, textile, publishing and energy

Bottoli offers a differentiated range of “solutions-projects" for the specific needs of its clients, always paying special attention to safety, environmental impact and the corporate image.

The design and construction of civil works such as roads, toll booths, bridges, viaducts, river containment systems and irrigation works, represent another important sector of intervention of the company.

The technical and design know-how of the engineering division and the  availability of experienced staff, able to directly follow the work on site, represent two fundamental strengths. Moreover, the company has the ability, which has been gained over many years of experience, to deal with public bodies and to comply with the specific requirements. 
Bottoli always complies   with the legal regulations and the time schedule: this reliability has always been one of the family's and company's fundamental values.

realizzazione infrastrutture

Building sites in progress

Archive of our achievements

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