The Bottoli company was born in 1881 and for over 140 years six generations of the Bottoli family have been following one another in the direct management of the company, becoming a reference point in the construction world.

Today Bottoli is a competent and reliable company; it is able to offer complete and competitive solutions in the construction sector and every other sector in which it operates: civil and industrial construction, restoration and renovation.

impresa edile Bottoli storia

To be able to look to the future with confidence you need to have solid roots in the past. This is the secret of our longevity and of our renewed success. The birth, growth and development of the Bottoli company have their foundation in the work carried out by the generations. From the first testimony of the activity of the “Capomastro Giacomo Bottoli”, dated 1881 and engraved on the front of a rural mantovan building, to the following phases of the urban and infrastructural development of this territory and, in the following years, of the neighbouring communes up to covering all North-Eastern Italy. So Bottoli has experienced and governed all the phases that have marked the history of our country, generation after generation, with the introduction of new materials, technologies and methods of design and construction; from the building “boom” of the second post-war, to the first recovery operations of the local architectural heritage, starting from the 1960s.

According to an international development and expansion logic, since 2009 the company has been operating successfully for private and public clients, also in Eastern Europe through HLG Stav Bottoli sro, a company with headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia, expressly created to extend its skills in new markets, with particular focus on Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary, as well as Poland and Romania. After over ten years of experience and continuous work, today it is able to follow        its customers from the design phase through to construction and turnkey testing of industrial and civil construction, as well as in the renovation and restoration field.

Areas of action

  • Industry and Infrastructures Construction The quality of the “industrial landscape" represents a visible indicator of the economic and social development of a territory. Bottoli has a wide and differentiated series of achievements in...

  • Renovations and Restoration A company with over a century of history has a deep relationship with the cultural heritage of its territory. This is particularly true for Bottoli Costruzioni traditionally engaged in the field...

  • Tertiary and Residential sector Bottoli company has more than a century of experience in the civil construction sector and during its corporate history has successfully confronted with countless projects and achievements: from...

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