Date: 31-03-2022

Taglio nastro

The Mayor of the City Simone Saletti, the President of Acer Ferrara Daniele Palombo, the Regional Councilor Fabio Bergamini together with other institutional and executive positions attended the ribbon cutting ceremony. Also present at the inauguration were sales managers of the Temporary Joint Venture (ATI) that carried out the works (Bottoli Costruzioni and IMartini). "We have received many compliments from managers, technicians and institutional figures - commented Giuseppe Coppi - and I would have liked all Bottoli employes to receive them and in particular Saber Osama, Fabio Mantovani and Adriano Gavioli. Speaking during the inauguration ceremony I held a underline that working with the Municipality of Bondeno and the Acer Ferrara technicians has been for us a beautiful collaboration experience in which we have always put all the passion  that distinguishes us . "

ERP bondeno
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