8 April 2022


The contract has been signed between the Carani Theater Foundation and Bottoli Costruzioni for the restoration of the historic Sassuolo theater and the preparatory works have begun. In a few days the first excavations in the stalls with the presence of the archaeologist.

The scientific restoration work of the Cinema Teatro Carani, the heart of the cultural and artistic life of the city of Sassuolo since its construction in 1930, has begun. the historical furnishings inside the work are safe. The parent company for the design and construction management is the company Enerplan srl of Carpi; the deadline is set for the end of 2023. Sassuolo will regain its cultural heart: not only theatrical performances and film screenings but also music, acting school and other events. The restoration will be carried out in stylistic and architectural continuity with the historic building, but innovative in terms of plant solutions, multifunctionality and environmental comfort. Another great challenge that we are preparing to face with passion.