Headquarters facilities

Headquarters facilities

Bottoli Costruzioni s.r.l. Warehouse

The Bottoli Costruzioni company has a warehouse in its headquarters in Mantua, in Via A.Vespucci 2. It is completely closed, alarmed and has a covered hangar; it allows the company to manage a large amount of machinery, equipment and site materials, guaranteeing the maximum efficiency and quality in the interventions, even in the event of unforeseen circumstances or urgent variation requests by the Clients.
Inside the warehouse, Bottoli is able to protect and shelter equipment, building components and furnishings for the entire duration of the building sites according to the requests of the various Clients.

The warehouse covers a total covered area of 10,400 square meters, and is organized as follows:

  • Depot A of 4,400 square meters which includes an office where there is a station for the registration of the input and output supplies and where the related documentation is stored (for example, qualification certificates, laboratory tests etc). There is also an area for the storage and processing of materials including steel for reinforced concrete;
  • Depot B of 2,800 square meters available, when necessary, for storage;
  • Depot C of 3,150 square meters available, when necessary, for storage

The department is equipped with industrial machinery such as a band saw, planer, squaring machine, dust extractors and other manual equipment with which our specialized staff can directly manufacture supporting beams for arches and vaults, special formworks, restorations of windows and wooden furniture.


The department is equipped with 2 iron-bending machines for the shaping of rods, cutting equipment and a 5-ton crane, which allow us to buy stocks of iron in 6 and 12 meter bars of all diameters up to 24 cm and to make brackets and reinforcement cages for our construction sites. The department has the certificate as Transformation Centre of stainless steel for reinforced concrete.


The workshop is equipped with a band saw, a column drill, wire welders, welding machines with electrodes, an inspection pit, a countertop for repairs and an extractor. Thanks to this, we carry out the repair of tools and equipment as well as welding of steel elements through qualified operators with welder certifications.


It is equipped with a certified press and weighing machine for breaking concrete cubes taken on site, in order to carry out checks requested by the client after 28 days (or even earlier).